Your favorite highlighter fell and broke apart? No worries!

Have you ever accidentally, as we like to think of it, dropped your favorite highlighter and it just…. fell apart right before you eyes? Maybe even in slow motion? Your heart ached a little, almost had a meltdown, and you might have felt like you just threw money down the drain. Girls, we all know that makeup is not cheap! But with things you might already have around your house, we can fix this little mishap and make it brand new again.



It may look a little something like this after you try to save every little piece of what’s left after the damage. I know, this looks pretty bad but it’s not over yet. And no, it does not have to stay this way! Read on for step-by-step of how to put this back together.

Things you will need:

  1. First thing first, take a look at your first aid kit. That rubbing alcohol that you used to clean cuts, well you’re going to use that to clean up this big “cut” you made on your highlighter also. You can use 70% rubbing alcohol or in my case, I used 91% rubbing alcohol.
  2. Teaspoon measuring spoon or dropper to dispense the alcohol.
  3. Roll of paper towel.
  4. If you are a Makeup artist like me, you definitely have a makeup mixing palette and a spatula in your kit somewhere. If not, no worries, a mirror and toothpick will do in this case.
  5. Can’t forget the Motives cosmetics mineral gel liner because we do need a pressing tool right?
  6. And last thing on that list is a mixing spatula (optional for best results).



Using the stainless steel makeup spatula (farthest right), break the highlight powder out of the pan and place the powder onto your makeup mixing palette. After you have all the powder on the mixing tray, you will want to depot the pan out of the case. That is definitely going to make this job a lot easier for you, trust me.



Now, when you look at this, it looks more like a bronzer than a highlighter right? Wait until you see the final results!! Using the mixing spatula, cut and mix the crumbs into smaller and finer consistency. This will result in better results rather than trying to put the bigger pieces together as is.




Holy cow, all that powder fits in that pan? Yes it sure does!

With the mixing spatula, scoop the fine powder into the pan until it levels with the pan. Not all the powder is going to fit in the pan “yet” and that’s absolutely okay. When you start the pressing process, the powder will flatten down and give you more room to add more layers of powder.

In this process, you are going to do about three reps of pressing until you get all the powder pressed into the pan.


Interesting yet? Keep reading. This is where the fun comes and we start seeing the magic happen.



With the teaspoon, carefully pour about 1 teaspoon of alcohol right into the powder in the pan. Usually, you will need a binding agent so the powder will stick together better but because this is a pre-made highlight that broke, there is already a binding agent already in the mix. Doing this will allow the powder to come together and bond together, giving you a pressed highlighter once again.




Take a piece of paper towel and lay it right on top of the powder, lightly patting it on top to absorb any access alcohol. Using the Motives miner gel liner jar, place it upside down right on top of the pan. Why upside down? The top has a flat surface compared to the surface on the bottom and this jar just so happens to fit perfectly into this pan. Not all highlighting pans are exactly the same size so depending on what size your pan is, find something similar that fits. Press down firmly putting pressure into the mixture, allowing the paper towel to absorb any alcohol that seeps out.



Can you see the difference?

Once the powder is pressed into the pan, it’s starting to look more like a highlighter than a bronzer now right?

Now repeat the process until you have all the powder pressed into the pan. This process should take you about 3 reps of press.



Your last round of rep, you are going to press until your paper towels comes off clean, no residue left. That will insure that there is no more alcohol left in the pan and your powder is packed in there tight.



There you have it! Brand spanking new again!! You can either put it back in the packaging like the right picture or you can put it into a palette with the rest of your highlighters. My preference is putting it in with my Z-palette of blushes and highlighter for convenience when going to my clients for makeup application.

I absolutely love this highlighter for my darker complexion girls!! It gives you a beautiful golden highlight that screams out Goddess! Literally, the hightlight is called Goddess from Motives Cosmetics. Not only do I love it, so do my clients!!!

If you love seeing posts like this, comment below what you’d like to see next.

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