Ka Xiong


I am Ka Xiong, a freelance makeup artist based in Milwaukee, WI. I’ve always loved makeup but never thought I’d find myself in the beauty industry as a makeup artist until 2015. I find joy and passion in helping others look and feel beautiful on there special day, whether it is a Birthday celebration or photoshoot or the day they will exchange their vows with the love of their life. One thing I always find joy in is the smile on my client’s face when they see themselves in the mirror after my work is done. That means I have accomplished what I came to do and that is what makes me proud to be a freelance makeup artist.

Makeup is not just putting makeup on your face and be done with it. It is confidence, it is empowerment, it is an enhancement of what is already there. Be the you that you’ve always wanted to be!

Yours Truly, Ka Xiong